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Traditional talk therapy forms the foundation for my work helping clients create the life they have always wanted, conquer depression, recover from trauma, face grief and cope with other life transitions. As clients seek to increase their capacity to embrace life, find joy and deepen their healing, I can help them take additional steps through EMDR, CD's for personal transformationembodiment practices and Dance/Movement Therapy .

MindBodyFIT Connection
Foundational skills for Integrating mind and body to Transform your life!

  • Foundations: Learning physiological skills to balance calm and energize the nervous system.
  • Integration: Practicing and applying new skills to experience the pleasure of re-patterning habitual bodymind interactions, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Transformation: Putting new skills, insight, and energy together in new ways to create the life you’ve been reaching for.

Using breath, sensory awareness, natural movement, visualization and/or internally-guided dance, we create a safe space to explore and understand the wisdom of emotion and sensation. The memories and experiences residing in the cells and muscles of our bodies are a powerful source of healing energy.

Moment to moment, we experience energy, thoughts, feelings and sensations that flow through our minds and bodies. When we take time to get in touch with all facets of this flow, we actively turn away from pain and discomfort towards health and wholeness.


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